An 'Expert on Demand' - Assessments & Support

Are your management systems doing what they should?

In a busy company, ensuring that your management systems are working correctly can often get overlooked. But, being certain that; business processes are working, data is being backed up, no one can hack into systems; 3rd parties are performing correctly as per the contract, spending is under control and your workforce are doing the right thing, are all things that are essential to any successful business.

The Montage Company is experienced in offering an Expert on Demand who will come in and check that the business is running in the best possible way.

Assignments can be as short a ONE day and up to several weeks. Your organisation can use the Expert to help discuss or solve particular challenges. This help can also be used if more of a hands on approach is required too.

What this help isn't, is long term assignments which bed themselves into your organisation.

A great service to help at Board and senior management levels.




What we can help with:

  • Visual controls – management dashboards, scorecards, monthly cycles
  • Procedure & Process controls and checks
  • Embedded controls – Automation and Standardisation


What we can help with:

  • Short term assistance – even 1 or 2 days a week for a few weeks
  • Offering advise remotely, being on hand to help
  • Coaching and mentoring Board members, senior management and teams